Internet Oversight Committee

Updating a site using the Wrapper from version
1.1 to 2.0

This document describes how to migrate UNCG departmental websites using the wrapper to the latest version that implements the updated University Website Requirements published on August 1st, 2011.

The new HTML structure is slightly different and requires changes to portions of your content.  Unlike the previous version, this wrapper isn’t deployed centrally on each server. You will copy a folder containing the wrapper files into the root of your website or web directory.  This version of the wrapper references the University Web Site Assets and as these assets are updated, your site will reflect those changes.

If you are attempting to follow these instructions and have trouble, contact 6-TECH by phone at (336) 256-8324, by email at Request help updating your website to the new Unit Website Requirements using the wrapper.

Getting Started

These steps assume you followed the standard wrapper deployment.

  • Make a local backup of your website.
  • Download or
    Choose the zip file that corresponds to the file extension on your pages. Unzip this file and you will find a folder named "wrapper". Inside the wrapper folder you will find the header and footer files as well as some supporting includes that can be used by the wrapper. The previous wrapper documentation contains instructions for their use.
  • Upload this wrapper folder to the root of your site or web directory.

Unit Variables

Update the values of the variables in the new wrapper's unit_variables file with the values of the variables from your current unit_variables file. Below are the items to be aware of because their use has changed.

Image of where the unit variable are used on a html page
  1. Verify that the UNIT_URL corresponds to the URL for the website you're working with.
  2. The UNIT_URL variable should begin with "//" and not contain a protocol (i.e. http:) and end with a "/".
    For example: //
  3. UNIT_BLUEBAR is not used in the new wrapper. Items in the campus links cannot be modified.
  4. UNIT_LAYOUT is not used in the new wrapper. The width is fixed at 960px.
  5. DEPT_NAME now populates the H1 tag just under the yellow bar. This is typically used to indicate the departmental unit.
  6. UNIT_SUB_TITLE is a new variable that can be used to as a sub title under the H1 on each page.
  7. UNIT_GOLDBAR is used to populate the optional horizontal navigation in the new template.

Wrapper Files

Below is a list of wrapper files that have either PHP or HTML extension. These files need to be migrated/copied to the wrapper folder:


The UNIT_MENU variable points to a file named unit_menu. The previous wrapper used this file to store the site name H1 tag as well as the unit menu, sometimes referred to as the left nav. You need to remove everything except items you wish to display in the left most column of a multiple column template.

Copy your existing unit_menu file and replace the one within the wrapper folder.

  1. Remove the H1 tag.
  2. Remove id="unitNav" from the <ol> tag it is no longer needed.
  3. Replace any <ol> with <ul>
  4. Replace any </ol> with </ul>

The unit_menu file is not restricted to navigation - it can contain other block level elements like DIVs or paragraphs.


This file now contains the content of the horizontal navigation at the top of the page beneath the header. Copy the contents of your existing unit_goldbar file in the unit_goldbar file in the new wrapper folder. Replace any <ol> with <ul>, replace any </ol> with </ul>.


If your pages used the unit_sidebar file, copy your existing unit_sidebar into the unit_sidebar file in the new wrapper folder.


The unit_header file is used to customize departmental website through the use of meta tags, links to style sheets or JavaScript files. If a department has a site search that points to the contents of their website, the following code needs to be inserted into the unit_header (the code "its-23101" will be replaced with the code provided to you):

<meta name="unit" content="its-23101" />

Updating the Pages in a Site


Update the UNIT_VARS variable in the pages of your site to reference the new unit_variables file within the wrapper folder. A good way to do this is using the global find and replace feature within Dreamweaver. You can test this first on a specific directory.

This path is different for each site or folder and varies by server (Windows, UNIX or LAMP). See examples at the end of this document.

Header and Footer

Update the references within your pages to the header and footer files now stored in your wrapper folder. As with the unit_variables file, the path varies by server. See examples at the end of this document.

Wrapper Customization

Any CSS style customizations that were made to the previous version of the wrapper may need to be modified to work with the new document structure.

Server Specific Examples


  • References to <LAMP-account> refer to the LAMP web hosting account created individually for each site provisioned in the new LAMP web hosting environment
  • References to tla refer to your the University unit code use to create your website folder on the UNIX web server.

Setting UNIT_VARS variable and header/footer includes using PHP

    define('UNIT_VARS', '/home/<LAMP-account>/public_html/wrapper/unit_variables.php');
    include( '/home/<LAMP-account>/public_html/wrapper/header.php');

<!-- Content goes here -->

<?php include( '/home/<LAMP-account>/public_html/wrapper/footer.php'); ?>
    define('UNIT_VARS', '/afs/');
    include( '/afs/');

<!-- Content goes here -->

<?php include( '/afs/'); ?>
    define('UNIT_VARS', 'F:\\web\websites\tla\home\wrapper\unit_variables.php');
    include( 'F:\\web\websites\tla\home\wrapper\header.php');

<!-- Content goes here -->

<?php include( 'F:\\web\websites\tla\home\wrapper\footer.php'); ?>
*<home> may be the actual name of your folder or it might reflect your site 
name such as

Setting UNIT_VARS variable and header/footer includes using SSI

<!--#set var="UNIT_VARS" 
     value="'/wrapper/unit_variables.html" -->
<!--#include virtual="/wrapper/header.html" ?

<!-- Content goes here -->

<!--#include virtual="/wrapper/footer.html" -->
<!--#set var="UNIT_VARS" 
     value="/tla/wrapper/unit_variables.html" -->
<!--#include virtual="/tla/wrapper/header.html" ?

<!-- Content goes here -->

<!--#include virtual="/tla/wrapper/footer.html" -->