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IOC: Web3 Wrapper System

Accessible Content: Download

The wrapper system allows the web developer to include content on any page of a unit in order to better acheive accessibility.

Part of the Web Accessibility requirements is that the developer provide the user a way to download any software required to access files of proprietary technology. From Section 508 §1194.22: Web-based intranet and internet information and applications:

(m) When a web page requires that an applet, plug-in or other application be present on the client system to interpret page content, the page must provide a link to a plug-in or applet that complies with §1194.21(a) through (l).

The wrapper currently makes the following download content blocks available:

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF)
macromediaDownload.html New!
Macromedia Web Players (Flash, Shockwave, Authorware)
Microsoft Office Products (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Project, Outlook)
Apple's Quicktime Player
RealMedia's Real Player
Microsoft's Windows Media Player

Example: Adobe

Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is a commonly utilized proprietary document format. The wrapper system allows the developer to easily include content that meets the accessibility requirements.

<!--#include virtual="/inc_uncg/adobeDownload.html" -->

Place the line WITHIN your page's content, at an appropriate time. For example, before a list of PDF files.

<!--#include virtual="/inc_uncg/adobeDownload.html" -->
<li><a href="PATH TO FILE ONE">FILE ONE NAME</a>(PDF)</li>
<li><a href="PATH TO FILE TWO">FILE TWO NAME</a>(PDF)</li>
<li><a href="PATH TO FILE THREE">FILE THREE NAME</a>(PDF)</li>

The Office for Left-handed Students

Having decided to provide their constituents with a library of resources, the Office for Left-hand Students creates a list of PDF files:

<!--#set var="UNIT_VARS"   value="/olh/inc_unit/unit_variables.html" -->
<!--#set var="PAGE_TITLE"   value="Resources" -->
<!--#include virtual="/inc_uncg/header.html" -->

<h2>Resources Especially for Left-Handed Students</h2>
<!--#include virtual="/inc_uncg/adobeDownload.html" -->
<li><a href="file1.pdf">The Rights of Left-handed Students</a>(PDF)</li>
<li><a href="file2.pdf">Famous Southpaws</a>(PDF)</li>
<li><a href="file3.pdf">Why Left-handers Live Less: An Essay of Non-universal Design</a>(PDF)</li>
<!--#include virtual="/inc_uncg/footer.html" -->
Adobe Download example