Internet Oversight Committee

IOC: Web3 Wrapper System

About the Wrapper

The UNCG Web3 Accessible Wrapper (henceforth: the wrapper) is a web development tool enabling UNCG departments to more easily adopt the UNCG Web3 Unit Requirements AND achieve a high level of web accessiblity, in accordance to the University's policies:

What does it do?

The wrapper operates by providing (think "importing") commonly utilized content/navigational components styled in a manner that satisfies the UNCG Web3 Unit and Accessibility requirements.

Screen Shot of Webpage

The wrapper provides what is commonly referred to as content header and footer, which includes:

  • the Title Bar
  • the UNCG Logo and tagline,
  • the gray "search box,"
  • the goldbar navigation and
  • the blue "campus links" dropdown menu.
  • the contact information for the department who owns the unit, including name of the department, address, phone, fax and email address, and
  • the date the file was last modified.

The wrapper can also be configured to provide additional components:

  • unit administration content, such as a link to the unit's webmaster,
  • a left-side navigational device, known as a "unit menu", and
  • a right-side navigational device, known as a "page sidebar".

The wrapper delivers the content/navigational components in valid Strict XHTML 1.1. The content is devoid of any stylistic preferences. However, the wrapper also delivers a series of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 1+) styled to satisfy the Web3 Unit Site Requirements. The combination of XHTML and CSS satisfies a high level of web accessibility, in compliance with Section 508 and W3C WAI Level 3.

What does it NOT do?

The wrapper DOES NOT impact the XHTML validity or accessiblity of a page's content. These are the responsibility of the content publisher, the unit.

The wrapper is only a tool to allows the web publisher to more efficiently achieve validity and accessibility by providing a management tool for large and repetitive portions of a unit, in accordance with the UNCG requirements.