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IOC: Web3 Wrapper System

Web3 Wrapper System

The UNCG Web3 Accessible Wrapper (henceforth: the wrapper) is a web development tool enabling UNCG departments to more easily adopt the UNCG Web3 Unit Requirements AND achieve a high level of web accessibility, in accordance to the University's policies.
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NOTE: This documentation exists to explain how to implement the wrapper and utilize its various files and variables. There is an updated version of the wrapper that conforms to the August, 2011 version of the University Website Requirements.

This updated version was built from the original wrapper but is deployed within your local site. It leverages the University Website Assets.

If you are planning on using the wrapper, please implement Version 2.0. The documentation found here can still be used to understand the various files and variables.

Wrapper Updates

March 10, 2011
  • Updated the CAMPUS LINKS dropdown menu:changed link text from "Research & Centers" to "Research."
July 19, 2010
  • Updated the CAMPUS LINKS dropdown menu.
  • Updated links to Web Accessibility Policy to reflect the new location of the UNCG Policy Manual.
January 27, 2010
  • Updated the CAMPUS LINKS dropdown menu.
November 24, 2009
  • Updated links to Web Accessibility Policy to reflect the new location of the UNCG Policy Manual.
August 3, 2009
  • Updated code samples in the online documentation. The samples now use single quotes when declaring file paths. This avoids a character escaping problem that occurs when using double quotes in PHP 5.3.
July 2, 2009
  • Updated CSS stylesheets for compatibility with Firefox 3.5.
February 20, 2009
  • Updated the SEARCH UNCG Box to use the Google Search Appliance.
September 26, 2008
  • The e-Spartan link was replaced with a link to iSpartan.
  • The image used for the Blackboard Link in the SubNav was replaced by one that was not as grainy.
  • The local ASP Wrapper files had a PHP style line ending that created an error when used. The footer.asp file was updated.
  • Deleted the Pipeline image from the collection of images used for the wrapper.
July 14, 2008
  • Updated the SubNav to include the newer e-Spartan logo and Blackboard logo. The word search was replaced with a magnifying glass.
  • Increased the font size for the gold bar because it was hard to read on Mac systems with Safari or Firefox browsers.
  • The DEPT_ADDRESS2 variable as defined was not working for SSI users. A modification had been made to the SSI files and this change has been reversed. If users wish to override the zip code they can do so by adding the DEPT_ADDRESS2 variable to the file containing their unit variables file once again.
  • Added variable DEPT_LOCATION that will appear prior to DEPT_ADDRESS when implemented in a departmental directory. This was included based upon feedback from departments who had offices in two locations, or wished to display their contact information as outlined by the UNCG Addressing information provided by UNCG Postal Services
  • Updated Documentation to decribe the intended use DEPT_LOCATION
  • Updated ASP wrapper download to include DEPT_ADDRESS2 as defined
  • Removed invalid css from uncg-screen.css.
  • Added a div that will force the right margin of the unit navigation to appear even when the content is shorter than the length of the navigation menu
  • Updated uncg-screen.css to stop the horizonal scroll bar from always being visible. This problem was only experienced by users of IE 6 when the liquid layout was used.
February 21, 2006
Modification of SEARCH UNCG Box so that it now utilizes the Google account adhering to the University Website Requirements
February 7, 2006
Modification of the Web Accessibility Policy link URL to
October 25, 2005
Removal of Pipeline Icon and link. Replaced with E-Spartan Icon and link
September 20, 2005
Modification of the primary print CSS file. All hyperlinks in the body of a wrapped site will now display the hyperlink reference in parens after the link text.
September 2, 2005
  • Modification of the Campus Links Drop-down box. Change "Support UNCG" ( to "Giving to UNCG" (
  • Modification of Download statements to better address IE bug with background images on the link. Moved the period ending the sentence containing the link to be part of the link.
July 25, 2005
  • Addition of an optional UNIT Variable, DEPT_ADDRESS2, if a unit needs to override the default UNCG zip code.
  • Additional styles, including modeling of common font styles and linking to external sites.
  • More succinct Download statements, including a Macromedia statement
  • Incorporation of Web Accessibility Policy Link in the Footer
  • Enabled in the student.groups directory on
  • Successful implementation of ASP and PHP versions on
April 1, 2005