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Mobile UNCG Unit Web Site Requirements

Published: May, 30, 2014

UNCG Standards for Mobile Websites


This document sets technical and graphic standards for mobile sites that require UNCG branding as defined in the Unit Web Site Requirements. When this document doesn't offer explicit guidance or redefine an area of concern, the UWSR and Accessibility Guidelines should be followed.

While this document does not explicitly define standards around responsive design, it may be used as a starting point for responsive or adaptive versions of the UNCG template having breakpoints less than 960px wide. An official standard for responsive and adaptive web sites is forthcoming.


Mobile web sites tailor content to the needs of a user in a mobile context. The recommendations and requirements given in this document are meant to help content creators and developers deliver unit-focused content for specific, high-value interactions in a mobile context while maintaining consistent university branding.

Technical Standards

Markup and CSS
  • XHTML Basic 1.1 (minimum requirement)
  • CSS Level 1 (minimum requirement)
Technical Recommendations
  • Content creators may elect to follow newer standards for markup and CSS. When making choices about supporting newer technologies, it is recommended that developers first review the device and browser versions most commonly in use across UNCG web properties. This information is available through reports in the university Google Analytics account.
  • Mobile sites should use stylesheets instead of inline styles.
  • Content creators should endeavor to build pages with the smallest overall size and a minimum number of references to external resources (e.g., stylesheets, javascript files, etc.).
Requirements for User Interaction and Behavior

Unit sites may employ user-agent sniffing to redirect mobile users to a mobile site and desktop users to a standard site. However, if this is done, developers must provide a clear way for a the user to access the alternate version of the site.

Graphic Standards

Mobile site pages using the official template require three main sections: header, content area, and footer.


The mobile header contains:

  • The abbreviated UNCG logo (required)
  • The logo does not require a link to the UNCG home page
Navigation (optional)

This may be a menu containing a link to the mobile site homepage and other links supplied by the unit OR a single link OR omitted.

Content Area

This section will be populated by the unit. Standard recommendations for generating accessible content still apply.


There will be required and recommended (marked below with an asterisk) elements in the footer.

  • Unit Phone (required)
  • Unit Address (recommended)
  • Unit Contact Information (recommended)
  • Unit Feedback Form Link (recommended)
  • Unit Home, standard (required)
  • UNCG Home, standard (required)
  • UNCG Home, mobile (required, if exists)
User Interface Elements

The recommended minimum target size for buttons or other user interface controls is 44 pixels x 44 pixels.

Content created for mobile devices must not rely on a mouse for user interaction.

Official Templates / Reference Implementations

The UNCG ITS Web Services group publishes and maintains platform-specific reference implementations of this standard. It is recommended that unit webmasters use the appropriate template for their platform, but they may elect to make and maintain their own template so long as they conform with the standard.

UNCG University Relations sets the brand and graphic standards for the university. ITS-built templates and assets comply with these standards.


  • Chris Waters - University Webmaster


  • Jason Fleck - Undergraduate Admissions
  • Paige Ellis - University Relations
  • Francis Clerk - Health and Human Sciences Webmaster

Change Log

5/30/2014 — Initial publication.