Internet Oversight Committee

UNCG Unit Mobile Web Site Template

This template is provided for use in mobile web site designs. Before beginning work on your mobile site, please read the UNCG Unit Mobile Web Site Requirements.

Download the template.

Getting Started

  1. Copy the contents of the zip archive to your site.
  2. Update the includes with relevant Unit information.
    the footer section of the template
    a subsection of the footer for the Unit address
    contains links that will display in the navigation menu of the mobile site
    Reuse this file each time you create a new page in your site. It holds page content (and relevant includes).

Use with Other Languages

Future versions of the mobile template will include downloads for PHP and ASP.NET.

If you wish to use PHP today, Change the file extensions on all .shtml files to .php and change the includes within those files to match the following example:

<!-- #include virtual="heading.shtml" -->

would become

<?php include_once"heading.php"; ?>

Do this for all includes.

Mobile Web Site Development References