University Website Assets

The UNCG website templates are HTML documents but more than that, they are a collection of what are often referred to as assets. Any image, multimedia, JavaScript , CSS, link or color can be referred to as an asset. Without these assets, the website would not look or, in some cases, function as intended. The CSS and JavaScript files used by this template are "Minifiied". Uncompressed versions of these files are available here for review. The uncompressed versions are not the actual files linked from the head section of the templates.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The Base Unit Template uses two style sheets. One is a global styesheet that is used by all browsers that render using CSS and the second is an override stylesheet used for print media. The other style sheets are used as supplements for the common style sheet bringing additional rules for other templates.


The COMMON.JS file is really a collection of 3 different JavaScript library files. Theses are linked below and include attribution to the author. The fourth JS file that is included separately is the jQuery Core library. We are linking to a CDN copy of this file.


You are welcome to browse the image folder to see and download the various image assets.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

The Template pulls in these three html snippets for reuse on every page. Typically, you will only need to create a copy of the the ADDRESS.HTM file to add your unit's address information. If you are deploying your content on a server that is not one of the three shared hosting environments (,, you will need all three.

Favorite ICON

The favorite icon is not actually an asset written into the University Website Requirements. It is a nice feature for those whose pages are deployed independently as an actual website such as or Place this icon in the root directory of your website. Many browsers will use this icon as a customization for the your address when users visit your pages. Also when users bookmark a page within your site, this icon will often be associated with the bookmark.

Download: favicon.ico